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For the Love of Language

Translation is about much more than letters and words on a page.

Translation is also about understanding different cultures, their similarities as well as their differences, and then using language as an interconnecting bridge between the them.

Translation is about precision, nuances, the love of language and not least the sheer delight and pleasure derived from finding the exact, precise and directe route to conveying that love.

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Previous work includes:

Fiction and non-fiction:

  • Fix the System, Not the Women, Laura Bates, Rebel With a Cause, 2023, ENG-DK
  • Kings and Queens in Roskilde Cathedral, Lene Steinbek, Fondsorganisationen bag Kulturarv Roskilde Domkirke, 2023, DK-ENG
  • Men Who Hate Women, Laura Bates, Rebel With a Cause, 2022, ENG-DK
  • The Goose of Hermogene, Ithell Colquhoun, Arkiv for Detaljer, 2022, ENG-DK  
  • The Death of Vivek Oji, Akwaeke Emezi, Rebel With a Cause, 2022, ENG-DK
  • Film scripts and outlines, TrueContent Productions, Apple Tree Productions, Nordic Series,. 2021 –, DK-ENG
  • Press, CBS, 2021 –, DK-ENG-DK
  • When They Call You a Terrorist – A Black Lives Matter Memoir, Patrisse Khan-Cullors & asha bandele, Rebel with a Cause, 2021, ENG-DK
  • Freshwater, Akwaeke Emezi, Rebel With a Cause, 2021, ENG-DK
  • Askehave, Cursed Blood, Jakob Melander, Storytel, 2021, DK-ENG
  • Victoria & the SDGs, Return of the Little Mermaid, J. Tornbjerg, Tornmountain, 2021, DK-ENG
  • When We Speak of Nothing, Olumide Popoola, Rebel With a Cause, 2020, ENG-DK
  • Heart Flutters, Marie Louise Cornelius, Storytel 2020, DK-ENG
  • Mr. Akin, Anna Neye, ToolBox Film 2020 (film script), DK-ENG
  • Son, Martin J. Nordkvist 2020, DK-ENG
  • Judy Stardust, Mads Feldballe 2020 (film script), DK-ENG
  • The Fairytale Killings, Brian and Sanne Wind-Hansen, Storytel 2020, DK-ENG
  • Victoria & Verdensmålene, The Polar Bear, Jesper Tornbjerg 2020, DK-ENG
  • Victoria & Verdensmålene, Through The Water Puddle, Jesper Tornbjerg 2020, DK-ENG
  • We That Are Young, Preti Taneja, Rebel With a Cause 2020,ENG-DK
  • The Fairytale Killer, Brian and Sanne Wind-Hansen, StoryTel 2020, DK-ENG
  • The Loneliness of Angels, Myriam Chancy, Rebel With a Cause 2019, ENG-DK
  • The City Always Wins, Omar Robert Hammilton, Rebel With a Cause 2018, ENG-DK
  • Like a Mule Bringing Ice Cream to the Sun, Sarah Ladipo Manyika, Rebel With a Cause 2018, ENG-DK
  • The HC Andersen Killer, pilotafsnit, StoryTell 2018, DK-ENG
  • Forgetmenot, pilotafsnit, StoryTel 2018, DK-ENG
  • I am Zenith, Christian Frost, StoryTel 2018, DK-ENG
  • Evergreen, Mikkel Karstad, Clearview 2018. DK-ENG
  • Hans Jonthan, Manden som stjal sig selv, Rebel With a Cause 2017, ENG-DK
  • Dress Scandinavian, Pernille Theisbæk, Penguin Random House, UK 2017 DK-ENG
  • Gone Fishing, Mikkel Karstad, Clearview 2016 DK-ENG
  • Being Mortal, Atul Gawande, Lindhardt & Ringhof 2015 ENG-DK
  • The Great American Cookbook, Lindhardt & Ringhof 2015 ENG-DK
  • Siblingship; Practical and Sensitive Relations, Ida Wentzen Winther et al, Academic Publishing/DPU 2014 DK-ENG
  • Meyer's Baking School, Claus Meyer, Lindhardt & Ringhof 2014 DK-ENG
  • Coøk, Mikkel Karstad, Clearview 2014 DK-ENG
  • Lethal Leadership, Christian Ørsted, Pine Publishing 2014 DK-ENG
  • Realizing Africa's Potential, Ida Kinch, COOP 2014 DK-ENG
  • Provence, Lars Boesgaard, Clearview 2013 DK-ENG
  • Lady Almina and the Real Downtown Abbey, Fiona Carnavon, Lindhardt & Ringhof 2013 ENG-DK
  • Constanze Motzart, Louise Bugge-Laermann, Amadeo Publishing 2012 DK-ENG
  • Somersault, Louise Bugge-Laermann, Amadeo Publishing 2012 DK-ENG
  • Desdemona's Dance, Louise Bugge-Laermann, Amadeo Publishing 2012 DK-ENG
  • Seven Shards, Louise Bugge-Laermann, Amadeo Publishing 2012 DK-ENG
  • Low Flying Angels, Louise Bugge-Laermann, Amadeo Publishing 2012 DK-ENG


  • Spirals of Memroy, Ida Wentzel Winther, DPU 2019, DK-ENG
  • 'Having my own room would be really cool' - Childrens' Rooms as the social and material organising of siblings, Ida Wentzel Winther, DPU 2014 DK-ENG
  • Desing Connects Business with People, Monday Morning 2014 DK-ENG
  • When I grow up, Monday Morning 2014 DK-ENG

Language Editing:

  • BAT Volumes, Karen Blixen Museet, 2017, ENG-ENG
  • NotAboutKarenBlixen, Karen Blixen Museet 2017, ENG-ENG
  • Skiing Mechanics, Henrik Thorsen, Solid Skiing 2015 ENG-ENG
  • Skiing Technique, Henrik Thorsen, Solid Skiing 2015 ENG-ENG
  • To Practice Mobility, Ida Wentzel Winther, DPU 2014 ENG-ENG
  • Danish Export Canon, Monday Morning 2014 ENG-ENG
  • Guide to Person-centred Care, Monday Morning 2014 ENG-ENG


  • Subtitles, The Blind Poet, CPH STAGE 2017, ENG-DK
  • Programme, Det Frie Felts Festival 2016, ENG-ENG/DK-ENG
  • Newletter and PR for The Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences, the University of Copenhagen 2013 - DK-ENG/ENG-DK
  • Articles for the Dansih School of Education (DPU) 2013 - DK-ENG
  • Webpage Kompas 1, Theatre Får302 2013 DK-ENG
  • This Wide Night, Cloë Moss, Nordiske Strakosch 2012 ENG-DK

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