Iben H. Philipsen


born and primarily raised in DK by an English mother and a Danish father


founder of the micro publishing company Rebel With a Cause, 2017


Master of Arts in Engelish Literature, Postcolonial Studies, UCPH 2014


actor Lee Strasberg Studio, London, UK, 1993

I translate and edit all sorts of texts, including fiction and non-fiction, articles and reports, CVs and applications, brochures and programmes – if you can name it, I've probably done it.


I don't charge a fixed price and I price my work per word, and not per page, unless it's books. Specific pricing depends on total wordcount, LIX and the timeframe provided to complete the task.


There is always room for suggestions and changes, as there are usually more ways of saying most things. And I greatly appreciate direct and honest communication, because the clearer you are, the easier it is for me to provide the required result.


For a specific quote or further information please contact me by email: mail@ipwords.dk or phone: +45 2624 1659


I look forward to hearing from you!

IP Words | mail@ipwords.dk | + 45 2624 1659


Ægirsgade 32, 1 | DK - 2200 Copenhagen N


CVR 33171609